oLo Brand Group helps you
build awareness, drive sales
and increase brand retention
with meaningful messages
and memorable design.
oLo quickly develops tangible marketing tools that gets your product or service to your target audience — creative tools that break through the clutter, makes you more memorable than your competition and gets you on the short list for new business.
oLo works with you in one of two ways:

Say, for example, you need a logo, a website or a trade display, we discuss that deliverable and execute.

Or, we work with you on a more strategic basis. We determine your target(s) and develop a program, based on objectives, to engage them. We determine the best way to reach them i.e., print, electronic, social, etc. We then develop meaningful messaging and apply it to a memorable and ownable design system.

Key People

With a network of key strategists, writers, designers, programmers and media experts - built over 20 years - oLo assembles a best-of-breed team with the experience and talent to deliver real world results based on your needs and objectives.
Founding Partners

Peter Lord

Executive Creative Director

Elizabeth Carluccio

Creative Director
Peter Lord
As executive creative director at oLo Brand Group, Peter Lord oversees a team of senior designers, writers, artists and programmers who translate client objectives into integrated marketing communications that drive sales, build awareness, increase message retention and build brand equity.

Peter founded oLo Brand Group in 2002 to offer clients the depth, resources and expertise usually found only in large agencies in a boutique agency environment. With the benefit of 20 years experience, Peter understands how to shortcut the branding process to produce creative that move target audiences into action in an accelerated timeframe. oLo works with some of the world’s most respected companies including Rockefeller Foundation, Hess, Swatch, Merck as well as start-ups and smaller companies.

Lord was at Grey Global Group for over 10 years where he built a profitable design group within the public relations arm of Grey, servicing such clients as Chase, Port Authority, IBM and Fruit of the Loom. Then as co-creative director at G2, the 100 person branding arm of Grey, he headed brand development for such clients as Pharmacia, Topps, Food Network, and Eli Lilly.

Lord works to develop communications materials that propagate from a single strategic positioning in order to produce a relevant, memorable and aligned brand image that breaks through the visual din of today’s over-saturated marketing clutter.

Lord is a graduate of The School of Visual Arts, where he earned his BFA, and has received numerous design and excellence in advertising awards, including The Art Directors Club, The Type Directors Club, Applied Arts, How, Print and DESI. He commutes to work each day on a tiny, folding  bicycle, holds a patent and loves when clients ask for their logo to be bigger (that last part is a lie). He lives in Manhattan with his wife and perfect daughter.

Elizabeth Carluccio
At oLo, Elizabeth’s focus is creative development of all fashion, apparel and personal care projects. Recent projects have included celebrity fragrance packaging, a European advertising campaign for the fashion line of Mattel’s Barbie apparel, Maybelline packaging and POS and Colgate-Palmolive’s Speed-Stick line.

Prior to oLo, Elizabeth spent 10 years as an Art Director at Liz Claiborne where her focus was to develop and launch new brands. She worked hand in hand with division presidents and marketing teams on all aspects of a product launch, including strategy, brand identity, in-store displays, packaging, direct mail, and other communication campaigns. Elizabeth has worked on a range of products with the fashion industry including men’s & women’s sportswear, shoes, accessories, home furnishings and cosmetics.

It was Elizabeths’ intimate detailed involvement with product launches – from concept to main floor – compelled Elizabeth to first start her own brand identity agency – consulting relationship with companies like Liz Claiborne, Mattel, Gant, Unilever and then joining oLo Brand Group as a Creative Director and Partner.

Elizabeth is a graduate of The School of Visual Arts, where she earned her BFA. She has received recognition of her design through AIGA, Print, and The Type Directors Club.

Why It Matters

The first step to gaining traction is engagement. People have too many choices and too little time. Only with clear and relevant differentiation (visually and verbally) can you first achieve cognitive engagement.

Engagement = Creativity




Once your prospect is engaged, you can inform. Then, through a cohesive and consistent program (brand alignment) you build Brand Equity.
A company, product or service with positive Brand Equity:
> Cannot Be Commoditized
No longer competing solely on price
> Is more profitable
Able to command a premium price
> Is not easily substituted
Substitution = sacrifice
> Is more memorable
Clearly differentiated in meaningful ways
> Is easily evaluated
Communicates more effectively; closes business more quickly
> Attracts top talent
Skilled employees are attracted to recognizable brands
> Is a shortcut to trust
Has baked-in believability; Cue angelic music!

Who we've worked with

Client List

What they've said

Eric Rientz

My relationship with oLo Brand Group began in 2002 after returning from a Fast Company Innovation forum in Florida. I was focused on a rebranding strategy that not only differentiated us from my competition but that created excitement, attention and fun.

The oLo team listened, collaborated and truly delivered on every level. It was key that we agreed on a strong positioning statement that would be the basis for all branding messaging moving forward. oLo executed and delivered a powerful rebrand that exceeded my expectations and resulted in double digit growth.

In 2006, after my business was acquired, I brought the oLo team in to rebrand the company leaning towards a more corporate execution while retaining our playful spirit. And again, oLo delivered with exceptional creative and focused positioning. That landed our brand a first in show for excellence in corporate identity.

In 2013 I have again engaged oLo for a brand identity on a new business. My ten plus years of a collaborative and professional relationship has built my trust in oLo’s ability to "get it" and deliver. oLo is our "go to" branding agency. I strongly recommend oLo as a partner in your branding strategy.

Wendy Kouba
Executive Director,
Merck Manufacturing

For almost 15 years I have worked in close partnership with oLo Brand Group and I consider them a part of my core team. Peter and his team are masters at translating business strategies into break-through creative that consistently delivers significant – and measurable – results.

Together we’ve focused on a variety of projects ranging from strategy alignment and understanding, to internal branding and significant change leadership and learning efforts. Every time, their commitment to our success has been the driver for remarkable and high-impact work.

When people ask me why I choose to consistently partner with oLo, the simple answer is “they just ‘get it’” and they do, time and time again.

David Finkel
Davis & Warshow

In 2007 Davis & Warshow made a decision to enhance our brand recognition in an extremely design focused marketplace. Selecting oLo to spearhead that effort was key to our success. Their work to understand our needs and the needs of our target market allowed them to design materials that communicated in the language required to appeal to our customers design sensibility. Our brand recognition and our sales have dramatically increased as a result.

Amanda Remus
Public Relation Liaison & Spokeswoman
for SIPA Trustee Irving H. Picard & his Counsel for the
liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC

The Madoff liquidation is an incredibly complex [ongoing] proceeding, with large amounts of content and intricate data sets. Peter and his team at oLo were able to translate those elements into an highly understandable and easily navigable website.

oLo delivered (and continues to deliver) well thought out solutions and the highest level creative – usually within very compressed timeframes.

I consider Peter Lord a key partner and his staff second to none – loyal, reliable, thoughtful and dedicated. The website continues to receive high praise from those who use it most, from defrauded Madoff customers to the attorneys who represent them to media professionals. But don’t take my word for it, go check out the website:

Andy Maas
Managing Director,
Teneo Strategy

I know that when I engage oLo on a particular project, there is no uncertainty. oLo is extremely responsive and delivers work that is both effective in the field and garners accolades from clients and colleagues – in fact we’ve recently received an design award for a display oLo produced for an event in Asia. oLo continues to be a key resource for me. They consistently deliver outstanding creative with no surprises!

Owen Blicksilver
Owen Blicksilver Public Relations (OBPR)

Over the last decade I've relied on oLo for countless very high profile assignments. They consistently deliver – bringing creative approaches and fresh thinking while understanding the sensitivities of corporate and financial clients.

Peter has frequently attended meetings and new business pitches for my group. oLo has extended my offerings and has helped increased our billings significantly.

Jennifer Walsh
Founder / Creative Director,
Pride & Glory

The team at oLo Group not only gets the job done, they have delivered more than I ever could have imagined. The team was put on a tight schedule, which they worked through quickly, and with high level results. They are great creative thinkers who are mindful of the project as a whole, they get the big picture.

I’m thrilled with the outcome of the work they have done thus far and look forward to a long relationship with the oLo Group team.

William D. Rea
Director, Enterprise Communications
Hess Corporation

I have worked with oLo for 13 years and would wholeheartedly recommend them for virtually any design-related project. They are strategic thinkers who understand communications and branding for internal and external audiences. They listen, collaborate and develop thoughtful, creative campaigns that hit the mark. We have worked on a wide range of items together for stand-alone projects and campaigns, such as ads, displays, brochures, rich emails, interactive games, web sites, custom printed pieces, banners, newsletters, event sets, presentations and infographics. They do whatever it takes to deliver high-quality work often on tight deadline. Even more, they are good people who have earned our trust and respect.


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